How to documentation for using the CS4ESD app

Logging in

Go to https://kf.cs4esd.eu and enter the details that you have been provided with (or register for a new account).

Creating a survey and adding questions

Screen cast of creating a survey and adding questions

Saving and deploying a survey

Screen cast of saving and deploying a survey

Redeploying a survey after changing or adding questions

Screen cast of redeploying a survey after changing or adding questions

Submitting and uploading surveys

Changing language for form creation page

Video showing how to change the user interface language

Adding a language translation to a form

To add a translation to a form you need to add the new language and then supply translations for the questions and options.

Adding a new language

You will need the language tag for the language you are adding this can be found at https://r12a.github.io/app-subtags/ by typing the name of the language e.g. the tag for greek languages is grk. You then need to add it by following the video below.

See the below video for how to translate a form that you have created (apologies the translations were done using Google translate!).

Adding media to a survey question

To add media to a question you will need to add the upload the media to the media gallery first (see video below) before you can add them to your question.